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TACO Soil Ade ‘Ginger Grape fruits Pine apple’

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  • South Korea South Korea
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TACO Soil Ade ‘Ginger & Grape fruits & Pine apple’


You can feel sweet taste of pine apple and fresh taste of grapefruit, at last piquant taste of ginger at the same time. This is perfect vegetable drink. Ginger is good for blood circulation. Also, Grape fruit has abundant dietary fiber, Calcium. Pineapple makes stomach comfortable that is very helpful for digesting.


  • Shelf life - 24 months
  • Packing unit - 1kg/Pouch/6EA


Our company specializes in providing various beverage powder items to major café franchises and whole sale market. After over 10 years of experience in the beverage industry we have established a large customer base in Korea and China. Our main strength lies in supplying the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

TACO (Tea & Coffee) is a special brand of beverage powder (drinks mixes) created by Saenam F&B in 2007 in order to launch a new trend of Café beverage market. Based on new concept of business capabilities and raw materials, specialty products such as Ice Tea, Ade, Latte, Chocolate, and Frappe Mix have been developed and currently they have played a leading role with its elegant design of package, high quality and reasonable prices.
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